• Anthony Sowell

    Author CD Newton v City of Cleveland Part 1

    True Crime Memoir and Civil Action? Why would an aspiring author sue his beloved city? The civil action is actually against seven defendants. Each as far as I am concerned played various roles in obstructing [...]
  • Anthony Sowell

    19 Action News: Please TELL the Untold Story!

    Time to tell Cleveland’s Best Kept Secret Dear CD, “I feel emotionally connected to you, Vernice and the murderous swine. A true story that’s written from such a personal position. This story needs sharing with the [...]
  • Anthony Sowell

    Convicted Serial Killer Gets Stay of Execution

    IN OTHER NEWS… I dare Cleveland press and media to take up the #ClevelandStranglerColdCaseBreakthrough challenge. Why did survivors Tanja Doss and Vanessa Gay get swift indictments and served as state witnesses, Ohio v Sowell, without [...]
  • Serial Killer

    Serial Killer Cover Up

    My Sister’s Keeper: The Cleveland Serial Killer Untold Story Book Trailer **FREE** My Sister’s Keeper (Limited Time Offer) For more on this groundbreaking cold case breakthrough story click on book cover. FREE My Sister’s Keeper: [...]
  • Anthony Sowell

    #ClevelandStranglerColdCaseChallenge! Vol 2

    THIS COLD CASE LIKE A ZOMBIE… Refuses to die! Why? Because of her personal effects. Discovered among the dead, she demands her RIGHTS, granted to the living. Unapologetically, this cold case dares the Cleveland Press [...]
  • CDP: Cleveland Division of Police

    USDOJ Consent Decree

    US Department of Justice v Cleveland, Ohio May 26, 2015, the US DOJ told Cleveland Police Division it needed to clean up its act. After a two-year study, it came down to this: “Systemic Deficiencies.” [...]
  • Addiction

    My Sister’s Keeper: Audiobook Sample

    MSK Audiobook Sample Chapters 1 & 2. (Paperback and Audiobook Coming Soon) Sadly, addiction thrust upon the addict intense urges and cravings. Much like a vampire’s insatiable thirst for blood. This starving need forces them [...]