• Civil Action Against 7-Cleveland Defendants
    Anthony Sowell

    Author CD Newton v City of Cleveland Part 1

    True Crime Memoir and Civil Action? Why would an aspiring author sue his beloved city? The civil action is actually against seven defendants. Each as far as I am concerned played various roles in obstructing [...]
  • msk-bc

    My Sister’s Keeper: Audiobook Sample

    MSK Audiobook Sample Chapters 1 & 2. (Paperback and Audiobook Coming Soon) Sadly, addiction thrust upon the addict intense urges and cravings. Much like a vampire’s insatiable thirst for blood. This starving need forces them [...]
  • 01 Chief of Police Michael McGrath letter photo bookcover
    CDP: Cleveland Division of Police

    Author CD Newton v City of Cleveland Part 2

    Two Sides to every untold story “The case file involving the physical and sexual assault of Vernice Crutcher has been reviewed by the Division of Police. All Divisional police orders, protocols and procedures were properly [...]
  • Eleven Angels of Imperial Avenue Cold Case Prevented
    Serial Killer

    Serial Killer Cover Up

    My Sister’s Keeper: The Cleveland Serial Killer Untold Story Book Trailer **FREE** My Sister’s Keeper (Limited Time Offer) For more on this groundbreaking cold case breakthrough story click on book cover. FREE My Sister’s Keeper: [...]
  • USDOJ Wants Sweeping Changes in CPD Systemic Deficiencies Revised
    CDP: Cleveland Division of Police

    USDOJ Consent Decree

    US Department of Justice v Cleveland, Ohio May 26, 2015, the US DOJ told Cleveland Police Division it needed to clean up its act. After a two-year study, it came down to this: “Systemic Deficiencies.” [...]
  • Cleveland night skyline
    CDP: Cleveland Division of Police

    Consent Decree and My Sister’s Keeper

     Consent Decree: “Accountability and Integrity”    “Review Board has ruled on 8% of complaints.” That low figure out of 441 civilian complaints is a disgrace. Such abysmal results prompted harsh criticism from the United States [...]
  • Sex Offender Notification
    Cleveland City of Hall

    Static-99: Fatally Flawed Sexual Evaluation Predictor

    Static-99 the Fatally Flawed Sexual Evaluation Predictor After serving 15-years in prison, September 1990-June 2005, Anthony E. Sowell moved into Cleveland’s Ward 2 an impoverished community. September 1, 2005, he was scheduled to report to [...]