2006 Cold Case Should have CAPTURED the Cleveland Strangler!

and 11-Women of Imperial Avenue would still be alive today

SOWELL LINE UP“After 15-hours of unconsciousness, you know its a miracle you’re still alive.

Apparently you came back from the grave to serve as a messenger.”

Better communication with her rather reliance on the crime lab and possible DNA would have exposed a real threat to the city of Cleveland.

A real serial killer was emerging.

The Missed Clues

Her intended killer left her behind presumed dead inside that dark abandoned house. So obviously her survival within itself gave the authorities access to his physical description.

Vernice described him as a tall African-American male around 5′-10 to 6′-0″ medium build. He also bore a mustache and small facial beard. Despite the forensic artist drawing too much hair (Afro?) CPD Sex Crimes now had a physical profile. What should they do with that critical information?

“Take off your clothes! Get on your knees and give me some h***!”

That demand revealed he was certainly a sexual predator. So why did NOT Sex Crimes show her photos of Registered Sex Offenders? But not just any R.S.O.

“I’ve never seen him before. I’ve been a resident of Garden Valley for over 20-years.”

Logic would say this brave survivor would practically know all the males in the immediate area. But her suspect was new to her.  Could he be a recent move-in to the area?

“He was on foot.”

So he’s likely not of the Garden Valley area. Roughly 1-mile radius. But what about 2-5 miles radius?

Ohio Metal Scrap Yard Grid

“No. Let’s go to my spot near East 70th Street.”

He met her on East 79th Street. But lured her to an abandoned house 10-minutes due west. She immediately refused once she saw it was an abandoned house he lured her to. Turning her back to him she proceeded to back in the opposite direction.

“Bitch you’re going inside!” He said with a razor sharp blade to her throat.

(Another clue: Does he carry this razor sharp instrument on person?)

How did her suspect know about an abandoned house although he didn’t live in the immediate neighborhood? Could he be a “Scrapper?” One who plundered empty houses for their scrap metals.

Interestingly Ohio Scrap Yard is less than 5-minutes from the crime scene.

If he is a Scrapper might the personnel at Ohio Scrap Yard recognize the “Drawing of the Suspect?” Had a smarter detectives acted on this hunch it would have paid off enormously!


“Take off your jewelry and give it to me!”

2006-00241169 Survivors watch and ring Sowell dead victims jewelry

So this sexual predator likes to take and collect his victim’s jewelry. Why is he robbing them? Is he pressed for drug money? Or something more sinister. Trophies of his victims perhaps?

(I see you peeking. Yes, spoiler alert! The Coroner’s ruler is dated November 5, 2009. It contains Vernice Crutcher’s gray watch. I’ll never forget. I bought it for her as a gift around spring 2005. She is wearing it in the picture below dated around March 2006. It was taken by Sowell inside abandoned house June 2006.,)

Survivor 2006-00241169 Wearing Gray Watch found among dead victims

Thorough Investigation vs Crime Lab

Sherlock Holmes or CSI? One requires investigators to be very diligent and astute in investigating cases. It would seem as in this case the suspect’s identity were in the victim’s provided case clues. Had the dots been connected in 2006 it should have led authorities to only one recently registered sex offender, Anthony E. Sowell.


He fits in every detail the suspect that lured and attacked Vernice Crutcher that tragic day.

  • Moved into 12205 Imperial Avenue June 20, 2005
  • Registered Sex Offender September 7, 2005
  • Well known scrapper that frequented Ohio Scrap Yard
  • Ohio Scrap Yard less than 5-mintes from V.C. crime scene.
  • Sowell bears strong likeness to V.C. provided sketch
  • Authorities (unknowingly) retrieved V.C.’s personal effects among Imperial Avenue victims.
  • The ex-boyfriend told authorities he was in the area evening of her disappearance. He confirms Sowell and he crossed paths at a bus shelter.

His arrest in 2006 would have been an entire year before the Imperial Avenue tragedy started with first victim Crystal Dozier. She disappeared summer 2007. Interestingly she lived just doors away from Vernice Crutcher’s brutal violent crime scene.

But tragically her case, just 4-months later was “SUSPENDED” when the Bureau of Criminal Investigation didn’t yield a slam dunk profile from her rape-kit. Because it was mistakenly assumed her attacker vaginally raped her and left DNA. “Unknown profile not in CODIS. Held in abeyance till hit in CODIS.”

So essentially the authorities stopped looking for Vernice Crutcher’s suspect. Which basically enabled this violent sexual predator to continue to lure and attack other women in the area.

Did he act on this pass?


Hindsight 20/20

If there had been a robust investigation as required by the Sex Crimes Manual then…


Eleven Angels of Imperial Avenue Cold Case Prevented

No Justice and Closure for the Messenger

CUY COUNTY PROSECUTOR SEAL Unfortunately, because it is a conflict of interest for the CPD Sex Crimes Unit, (could it be their actions or lack thereof equates to negligent homicide?) the original detective, now Commander of the unit, has resorted to misleading false information (cover up) regarding this pivotal cold case. Blocking her justice and closure.

Blocking Vernice Crutcher’s justice and closure.

Sadly, he has the apathy and indifference on the part of authorities to enable his unlawful actions. They have been notified in various ways but have the attitude, “Sowell is behind bars and on death row.”

Sorry (not really) but this once prominent Cuyahoga County seal based on Ohio laws distinctly says, “Equal justice under the law.”

So no one size justice fits all. No political expediency. It’s actually obstruction of justice.

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