Convicted Serial Killer Gets Stay of Execution

His FIRST reported victim what of her rights?


I dare Cleveland press and media to take up the #ClevelandStranglerColdCaseBreakthrough challenge.

Why did survivors Tanja Doss and Vanessa Gay get swift indictments and served as state witnesses, Ohio v Sowell, without police reports and no physical evidence?

Yet V. Crutcher has that and more. Start with the forensic sketch (she provided 1-year before the infamous 11-Women of Imperial Avenue) and her refused jewelry at County Medical Examiners. Found among Imperial Women personal effects. –

“Mr. Newton, you’re fishing. I don’t need you. You need me.”- (signed) Death Row Sowell. – Odd response? Because he knows he did it. Currently, this cold case is pending review by the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. To determine if Ms. Crutcher’s 14th Amendment Constitutional rights have been violated. “No US citizen shall be deprived of her PROPERTY or DUE PROCESS.”

Cleveland Press and Media the challenge is on!


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