#ClevelandStranglerColdCaseChallenge! Vol 1

"Deep Facial Cuts + Box Cutter" = Cleveland Strangler!


requires pieces that fit together perfectly. Cleveland Press and Media, I dare you to take up this #ClevelandStranglerColdCaseChallenge. Clockwise:

(1) PD article, June 20, 2006, “She suffered DEEP FACIAL CUTS.”

(2) V. Crutcher before and after injuries. See link Paperback and Audiobook samples-

(3) Re-Enactment of Cleveland Strangler (Sowell) threatening Ms. V. Crutcher with BOX CUTTER at her throat.

(4) Officer testified (Ohio v Sowell) “I arrested Mr. Sowell with a …BOX CUTTER.”



Cleveland Press and Media take the #ClevelandStranglerColdCaseChallenge! It’s an attempted-murder cold case breakthrough! I dare you to hold new prosecutor Michael O’Malley to his campaign promises. My Sister’s Keeper: The Cleveland Serial Killer Untold Story coming soon to Amazon and Kindle. Followers FREE Audiobook download! Remarkable true crime memoir and captivating legal thriller.

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