Dear Imperial Avenue Victims’ Families and Friends

I am your brother! My Sister's Keeper!

Your Voice Not Silenced

As Solange said, here you have “A Seat at the Table.” (So, I’m not deleting your comments) My purpose is not to offend or monetary gain. But to share this vital story to the world. Your passionate comments just prove my point. OUR pain and loss are as real as anyone else.

BEFORE Imperial Murders

I’m not some journalist or detective out to just exploit the Imperial Avenue tragedy from 2007-2009. Mr. Sowell attacked my ex-girlfriend, Vernice, June 2006. Her case was suspended 4-months later because of no slam-dunk DNA match.

A few months later the Imperial murders began. Starting with Crystal Dozier. She lived just doors from the abandoned house Vernice was forced into at blade point. The world does not know that. It pains me to no end that Vernice’s brutal attack was repeated some 11 times over.

The Big Picture

Am I  guilty of using dramatic language and theatrics to tell OUR story? Yes. And it’s working!

I don’t know why people have a fascination and curiosity for the dark side of human nature. I’m utilizing that attention for larger themes. Addiction, social justice, accountability in law enforcement, integrity in the judicial system and my personal favorite, dignity, and respect for women, especially women of color.

The US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Vernice was passed over for justice. So yes, we’re pursuing justice and closure by any “dignified” means necessary.

Did negligence and indifference enable the emerging Cleveland Strangler? Why didn’t the CPD Sex Crimes Unit show Vernice, Mr. Sowell’s registered sex offender photo in June 2006? Why didn’t the City of Cleveland comply with the federal law, “Megan’s Law” to issue a “community notification” when a registered sex offender moved into a neighborhood?

If Ms. Crutcher had received a postage-paid notification with Mr. Sowell’s photo, address and then recent rape conviction, it might have been the game-changer.

Why did the County Psychiatric Court use an outdated sexual evaluation predictor with Mr. Sowell? “It is my professional opinion Mr. Sowell is a low risk. A 6% chance to re-offend.” September 7, 2005.

Did these very real civic failures and law enforcement inept investigation help CO-CREATE the Cleveland Strangler? Had these missteps not happened the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue might still be alive today.

Right now, the second-highest court in the land, US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, are reviewing these undisputed allegations. But wait there’s more! Vernice’s case may have already provided “legal admission” by the City of Cleveland to these allegations.

Possibly NEW EVIDENCE legally for the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue families! I will keep you posted!

The FREE Offer

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