Dear Author & Plain Dealer Reporter Joanna Connors…

"What if you left police station devastated and humiliated..."

DEAR AUTHOR & PLAIN DEALER REPORTER Joanna Connors, your new book,

‘I Will Find You,’ you fearlessly shared your experience as a raped survivor. You have received overwhelming support. It also helps to have Ohio’s largest newspaper as your platform. But what if you left the police station in tears, humiliated, devastated with a distinct sense of victimization?











What if the authorities had the audacity to tell you to your face, you’re mistaken about the identity of your attacker? What if to this day your state and federal civil rights have been violated? I beseech you to read this Cleveland rape survivor’s UNTOLD story. Start with Chapter 12. Compare your “due process,” to Ms. Crutcher’s. You and your colleagues may stumble upon an intricate web of deceit and obstruction. You found your attacker and received justice. She too knows who he is. Nevertheless, can you please help your raped survivor sister find her justice and closure? Thanks for reading this. Enjoy your day!


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