BREAKING NEWS!! Ohio’s Largest Newspaper



BREAKING NEWS!! Ohio’s Largest Newspaper. Journalistic integrity requires redemption. Tell the UNTOLD truth! You and the CPD, Sex Crimes Unit, had him a year before the infamous 11-Women of Imperial Avenue tragedy! What if a ‘curious’ reporter had probed about her provided sketch in June 2006?

Why didn’t you ask CPD Sex Crimes Unit…” is this suspect a Registered Sex Offender? (Yes) “Did you show the victim (V. Crutcher) his RSO photograph? (No) Is he an emerging serial killer? Considering Magdalia Roulette was killed August 2005 on the same street?

Here’s the tough question, did your indifference, make you culpable in enabling the Cleveland Strangler? At its zenith, your many journalists exploited, excuse me, extensively reported, this once international curiosity. Certainly, it drove your circulations.

Ohio v Sowell did NOT include ALL the survivors. (Did the then prosecutor show bias towards the Sex Crimes Unit’s misstep?)

Cold case 2006-00241169, was promised a “grand jury,” (Ch 12 phone transcripts).

Why didn’t the detective comply with then Department Commander of Special Bureau of Investigations, “have her do a lineup (with Sowell)?” Nonetheless, journalistic integrity, not indifference, demands you tell the untold truth!

Honor the memory of the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue. Contribute to protecting Vernice Crutcher’s “Victim’s Rights.” More importantly, her constitutional right to “due process, and equal protection under the law.” Resulting in, justice and closure.

To be continued…

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