Dear Prosecutor Michael O'Malley

July 27, 2017

Re: DNA re-test cord by Cybergenetics

Dear Prosecutor Michael O’ Malley,

I hope this letter finds you well. Have you received and read my new book, My Sister’s Keeper: The Cleveland Serial Killer Untold Story?

Recently, I received a disappointing letter from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Our request to have the cord used to strangle Ms. Crutcher re-tested by Cybergenetics, denied.

Ohio law only allows the bureau to disclose information to a “law enforcement agency for the administration of criminal justice.” (See attached)

“Law enforcement agency means… a county prosecutor.”

We’re humbly asking that you, prosecutor Michael O’ Malley, make that call to BCI. Please request that they forward her DNA test to Cybergenetics for re-testing. Their True Allele uniquely offers, “interpretation complements human expertise. Powerful computing provides accurate and objective match results for complex DNA evidence.”


Cybergenetics has offered to do this re-testing for free. So, there’s no cost to your office or taxpayers.

But the real pay off would be significant.

Vernice Crutcher, Case 2006-00241169, has always maintained since February 2010, Mr. Sowell was her attacker. I have submitted affidavits to your office, OPS/CPRB, and CPD Sex Crimes Unit, that Mr. Sowell and I crossed paths within hours of her disappearance. Furthermore, the gray watch and ring inside the CME photograph of jewelry retrieved from Sowell’s home belong to Ms. Crutcher. (CME: November 5, 2009, Inv9-2140, Item no. 37)


“Victims of criminal offenses shall be accorded fairness, dignity, and respect in the criminal justice process. Shall be accorded rights to…information, access and protection and to a meaningful role in the criminal justice process.” – Ohio Constitution: 10a Rights of Victims of Crime. Ms. Crutcher has yet to experience the full application of this law.

We’re asking that you grant her “access” to information that will likely solve her cold case. And finally, grant her justice and closure. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Ps. Included is a virus free USB Flash drive that includes videos from Ms. Crutcher and myself. Please review. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!


Charles D. Newton

Vernice L. Crutcher










So again Prosecutor Michael O’Malley…you’ve got CERTIFIED MAIL!! 


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