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“Wakanda Forever!” But there’s a royal scandal emerging in another popular African monarchy. In my new screenplay, THRONE.

Title: THRONE          

Logline: The bastard son of retired *King Jaffe Joffer (Zamunda) and a Royal Bather, demands the throne.

Tagline: Born a bastard. Redeemed a king.

Genre: Drama/Action

Pages: 107

Pitch: Coming to America meets Black Panther

Synopsis: Nearly on her deathbed, a former royal Bather, Orchid Mandela, reveals to her son, Ajeem Mandela, that his father is the retired king, Jaffe Joffer of Zamunda. Ajeem demands his place in the royal family. The retired king does not want him anywhere near royal rule. Far away from the current king and ‘legitimate son’ King Akeem. He and his National Security Adviser, Giselle, devise a plan to send his  “bastard” son and granddaughter, half-African, half-Puerto Rican, Abayomi Mandela, to “LiNahla.” There, they are to live out their days in a secluded countryside palace resort as simply “honorary” king and princess. LiNahla is a wealthy territory of Zamunda. Famous for its diamond mines and oil-rich fields. It is currently ruled by King Timmi (evil brother of Simmi, Arsenio Hall: Coming to America) and Queen Garcelle, a former-Rose Bearer. (Garcelle Beauvais-Coming to America). The “honorary” king and princess evolve from an entitled, pleasure-seeking mindset to a more profound sense of humanitarian responsibility. They ultimately challenge the narcissistic power-mad King Timmi and Queen Garcelle for the throne of LiNahla. This brutal struggle gives cause for the legendary Nubian Warrior Princesses, (elite African female warriors), led by the covert leader, Giselle, to make dynamic appearances. Ajeem may be born a bastard. But will fate redeem him as king?

Commercial Appeal

The Black Panther broke box office records. To date, it has surpassed $1 Billion globally. Disney and Marvel naturally have green-lit a sequel. But what made this particular movie resonate with movie goers? Black African royalty? The fierce rivalry between two kings? Female empowerment via the all-women army? Mesmerizing costumes? Great characters, storyline, dialogue, and the edge of the seat action scenes?


Furthermore, there is the advantage of a built-in audience. Practically two-generations. (Coming to America – 1988. Budget $28 million Box Office $288.8 million.) Paramount after nearly 30 years has announced a sequel in development. THRONE, however, will not affect whatever storyline the studio develops (Coming 2 America). THRONE has ALL new characters and is a standalone spin-off. Think Creed to the Rocky franchise.

However, the THRONE feature is part-one. It ends with a gripping cliff-hanger.  THRONE’S sequel can follow up within 1-2 years. Then segue to cable TV as a dynamic binge-worthy series. (NetFlix? Amazon Prime? Hulu? etc.)

Interesting Fact

THRONE was copyrighted *April 2015. Yes, three-years before Black Panther’s release. (*See US Library of Congress Copyright Certification.)























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