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Born a bastard. Redeemed a king.

Orchid Mandela: 82-year-old Mother of Ajeem. Abayomi’s paternal grandmother. Former personal Royal Bather to Retired King Jaffe Joffer. Very ill she faces death. On her near death-bed, she reveals to her son the real identity of his father. Retired King Jaffe Joffer of Zamunda. She was exiled soon after the king impregnated her.

Ajeem: A 50-year-old man who has spent most of his life in charlatan activities. Father to daughter Abayomi from a previous mixed relationship. Puerto Rican ex-wife, Besos. On his mother’s near-death bed, he discovers he’s the bastard son, of retired King Jaffe Joffer. Ajeem now pursues the throne.

Abayomi: The 25-year-old bi-racial daughter of Ajeem and Besos. Talented, beautiful and bright. Most of her adult life she has been partner-in-crime to her father’s unscrupulous money-making schemes. Although she would donate most of her ill gains to charities. Now they have hit the royal lottery. Will she become the first Latina-Nubian Warrior Princess?

Besos: The age-defying 48-year-old is the esteemed Secretary of State for Puerto Rico. Also, Ajeem’s ex-wife and Abayomi’s mother. They met during college. She loves her daughter. For obvious reasons despises her unethical father. Until now. With Ajeem’s new found royal heritage, Besos seeks to rekindle the union. All while eyeing the prospect of being Africa’s first Latino Queen.

Timmi: 50-year-old King Designate of LiNahla (Simmi’s Brother from Coming to America) For 20-years he has served as appointed King of this wealthy Zamundan territory. LiNahla’s claim to fame is its inexhaustible oil fields and diamond mines. King Timmi is a renowned narcissist and egomaniac. He constantly flaunts his perceived achievements and merits via social media. The people under his rule have a very low standard of living. However, he and his wife live a very opulent lifestyle. King Timmi despises Zamunda Today and ZNN as “fake news.” His pet expression, “LiNahla first and the world last.”

Prince Jimmi: 25-year-old son of King Timmi. A shy young man who doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with his ruthless power-obsessed father.

Garcelle: 50-year-old Queen Garcelle was a former non-verbal Rose-Bearer (Coming to America) Despite modest palace beginnings, she is just as indifferent to the people of LiNahla. News of possible legitimate heirs replacing her and King Timmi makes her furious. Through craft and cunning, she is determined to remain in power and on the throne.

Giselle: Also a former Rose-Bearer, but now  Zamunda’s National Security Adviser and head of Secret Service. She is an intelligent, beautiful and athletic middle-aged woman who never married. Quite the adept States Person. Her focus is to protect the wealthy African land’s interests. Including its territory LiNahla. African legend has it she is the covert leader of the famed NWP (Nubian Warrior Princesses).

Male Royal Court Jester: The royal funny man who keeps His and Her Majesties in a hilarious mood. Comedic timing and spot-on impersonations are the tools of his trade. 

Female Royal Court Jester: The royal funny female and wife also brings levity to the majestic novices.

THRONE All Rights Reserved. Copyright with US Library of Congress. By Charles D. Newton

Domestic Box Office: Est. $500 million+

Goals: Box Office Franchise. Cable TV Spin-off.

Pitch: Coming to America meets Black Panther.

Themes: Scandal. Redemption. Power. Family.

Sir Newton Motion Pictures 

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