About CD Newton

Aspiring author who unexpectedly became the ProtagonistAuthor CDNewton

CD Newton studied architecture and structural engineering. For many years he has worked at some of Cleveland’s leading architectural and engineering firms.

Despite his aptitude for design and figures, he has always had a passion for creative writing and story-telling. Even performing at the legendary Karamu House in a play he wrote, starred and directed. While preparing his breakout play “Cleveland Nights” (Famed Eliot Ness meets Harlem Nights) this tragedy like a speeding train collided with his destiny.

“I initially wanted to write what I thought would be a compelling true crime serial killer story. I didn’t expect to become its Crusader for justice and closure.”

Ex-Boyfriend to Caregiver to Serial Killer Stalker

3 Cleveland Strangler Authors                                      

Three Cleveland Strangler authors. Two got their story via news outlets and the like. One received his calling card via a brutally beaten and slashed up ex-girlfriend in the Emergency Room. Out of the above authors who do you think it is? “It looked like she had a violent encounter with Jack the Ripper.” Needless to say, that day around mid-June 2006, was a life changing moment. She was at death’s door and was in need of my help and protection. I had a choice. What did I choose to do? Step up or step off?

“I’ve got you.”Vern recovering at CD home

Never mind just 3-weeks earlier I ended our tumultuous relationship. Her chronic substance abuse and mental health issues were overwhelming.

However, the man in me said she needs you. She didn’t deserve this. Make sure the authorities get the monster responsible for nearly killing her. And not attack other women the same way.

Little did I know that culpability would also extend to an indifferent and incompetent system. A system determined to evade accountability and real integrity.

Fairness, Dignity, and Respect.

“to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. To have a meaningful role in the  criminal justice process.” – Ohio Constitution 10a: Rights of Victims of Crime

Baby Boy I got this

As a survivor of a brutal assault, Vernice deserves her justice and closure. It is most unfortunate her case was “suspended” after just 4-months. It appears that after the crime lab didn’t produce a hit in CODIS, the investigation went no further.


It’s rather peculiar other Sowell survivors, who hadn’t initially reported their attacks till years later, received grand jury indictments. Yes in the absence of police reports and DNA.

Sowell 3-Survivors VGay TDoss VCrutcher Revised

Why has the bar been raised for Vernice’s cold case 2006-0024119? Could it be due to concealing a failed investigation?

If Sowell was a registered Sex Offender as of September 7, 2005, why didn’t the Sex Crimes Unit show her his photograph? He just moved into 12205 Imperial Avenue on June 20, 2005.

Less than 3-miles away.

Did these critical failures enable the Cleveland Strangler?

Had he been apprehended in 2006, then the so-called 11-Women of Imperial Avenue (2007-2009) would still be alive today.



Sowell You Need Me






Mr. Sowell, I may be “fishing.” But bet your Death Row sentence, I’m determined to catch the big one!







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