My Sister’s Keeper: Dream Cast

Disclaimer: The selected actors are only the author’s wish list or “dream cast.” There is no legal binding or contractual agreement with any of the talent presented.


My Sister’s Keeper: Straight Outta Cleveland

Genre: True Crime Memoir, Biography, Historical, Drama, Legal-Thriller

Log Line: A man and his ex-girlfriend take on the system to pursue justice and closure. She’s the first unknown survivor that reported the emerging Cleveland Strangler. Tragically her case was “suspended” 4-months later.

Pitch: Jeffrey Dahmer meets HBO’s the Wire meets Scandal. A raw and gritty true crime memoir that pulls no punches. Sub-culture clashes with mainstream establishments with a man’s dogged pursuit of justice and closure for an ex-girlfriend at its core. 

Does it reveal the city’s and the Cleveland Strangler’s best-kept secret?

Did the CPD Sex Crimes’ failed investigation enable the Cleveland Strangler?

Did they try to cover it up?

What Reviewers are saying

 The International Slamdance Screenplay Competition,This script has a lot going for it in that it’s a very interesting story because of the brutality and the media coverage that was included with it. All the characters are well thought out and written very realistically. The inter-cuts of going back and forth between time works great, and it’s a very well put together script. A bit more conciseness and it will have you at the edge of your seat page-after-page.”

The Dream Cast

































Cleve Dream Cast Vanessa Bell Calloway


Cleve Dream Cast Jazsmin Lewis


Cleve Dream Cast Kym Whitley


Cleve Dream Cast Patricia Heaton




Cleve Dream Cast Ray Wise


Cleve Dream Cast Aresenio Hall Rufus Sims


Cleve Dream Cast Drew Carey





































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