Dear Prosecutor

ABSENT DNA DOES NOT clear Anthony Sowell of the 2006 rape case

It didn’t in the Ohio v Sowell trial (2011). Verdict? Guilty! Due to “aggravating circumstances beyond a reasonable doubt.” Not DNA!

19 Action News Cleveland Strangler cleared from 2006 rape case

Despite the CPD Sex Crimes Unit’s claim to 19 Action News the overwhelming facts and evidence says to the contrary. This Unit mislabeled the unknown profile in Ms. Crutcher’s rape-kit as belonging to her “attacker.” As if the profile was deposited at the time of the attack.

The truth is it was present on her before she was forced inside the abandoned house. It was the result of an earlier consensual encounter. It has no correlation to the sexual assault. This was told to the unit both in 2006 and again after Sowell’s capture.

But they’ve chosen to ignore this fact.  A pivotal case that should have prevented the infamous strangled 11-Women of Imperial Avenue (2007-2009).

The subsequent facts and evidence will validate her claim that Mr. Sowell was her lone true “attacker.”

As a footnote: The above release is dated “August 3, 2011.” However, on August 4, 2011, Detective Jody Remington of the Sex Crimes Unit, expressed “I’m having her do an interview and a “line-up” (with Sowell). And we’ll see what happens then. But my sense is they’ll refer it to the grand jury.”

Why the apparent conflict?

The answer is in her just previous remark; “I’m on vacation for two weeks. When I get back I’m going to bring Vernice in.”

This detective was sent on “furlough” after Vernice’s cold case aired July 15, 2011, on 19 Action News, implicating Anthony Sowell.

She is obviously unaware of this statement to 19 Action News.

While away someone else “of a higher pay grade said something different” than her.

“Woman raped and beaten up inside empty house”


The “rape” only consisted of oral sex. Not vaginal penetration. The second paragraph of this article is completely inaccurate. Ms. Crutcher at that time was ashamed to admit she was out soliciting due to her addiction. Nevertheless, the final paragraph reveals “she suffered deep facial cuts.” Her attacker put a sharp blade to her throat and demanded she go inside the empty house. This indicates he carried this instrument on his person. Also, what happened those next few minutes provided clues as to his identity.

Drawing of the Suspect

Polilce seek rape suspect Vernice provided this forensic sketch that appeared in the June 30, 2006, Plain Dealer. Unfortunately no on identified this attacker. Tall African-American male with a mustache and small facial beard. Furthermore, although he didn’t live in the immediate area, he met Vernice “on foot.” And he was aware and lured her to an abandoned house 10-minutes due west from where he approached her.

10-Probable Causes for Cold Case 2006-00241169

Probable Cause #1: Ms. Crutcher strangled and nude same as subsequent 11-Women of Imperial Avenue

“Analysis of the cord used to strangle Ms. Crutcher only yielded on the DNA of Ms. Crutcher.” – Letter from former Chief of Police Michael McGrath September 9, 2011. 

Interestingly, all the ligatures used to strangle the 11-Women of Imperial also only yielded their respective DNAs. Not Sowell’s. Nevertheless, the jury determined the “aggravating circumstances far outweighed mitigating factors beyond a reasonable doubt” and charged him accordingly.

Probable Cause #2: Vernice Crutcher’s jewelry is discovered among murdered 11-Women of Imperial Avenue

Ohio v Sowell Pinkey Carr Jewelry Grid

“If during the course of the investigation physical evidence is discovered linking Anthony Sowell as a suspect, the case again will be presented to the Prosecutor for review.”  – Letter from former Chief of Police Michael McGrath September 9, 2011. 

Probable Cause #3: Proximity Before and After

“The chilling tale a woman told Cleveland police in June 1990 Sowell choked her. He raped her too right inside her East 71st Street home.”-Would the Imperial Avenue killings have been prevented if extra steps had been taken? Plain Dealer November 22, 2009

This was Anthony Sowell’s last reported attack before his September 1990-June 2005, 15-year prison sentence. Fascinating that East 71st Street is just a stone’s throw from the abandoned house Vernice was lured to June 18, 2006. It was within the 6900 block of Kinsman Avenue. Not rehabilitated Sowell  simply returned to the same crime area for new drug-addicted victims.

Falcon Alley and East 70th Street Empty Lot text

Probable Cause #4: Link to Imperial Avenue Victims

The very first Imperial Avenue victim, Crystal Dozier, and Vernice Crutcher were actual…neighbors. 

“Ms. Dozier born 7-06-71 lived in the 6900 block Kinsman Avenue.”-Imperial Avenue Timeline of Investigation and Related Events- 

As aforementioned, the same block as abandoned house Vernice was lured, forced into and attacked.

CPD Imperial Avenue Investigation VC and CD 6900 block of Kinsman

Probable Cause #5: Sketch vs Anthony Sowell

“Ms. Crutcher provided a sketch. In hindsight, it looks much like Sowell.” -Nobody’s Women: Crimes and Victims of Anthony Sowell. Steve Miller.

The physical resemblance is most apparent from this forensic sketch. A tall African-American male with a mustache and small facial beard. A very distraught Vernice in June 2006 was trying to describe Anthony Sowell. The man who left her behind presumed dead inside the dark abandoned house.


Probable Cause #6: “Charles Newton, (ex) boyfriend has information.”

Charles Newton has information Police Report

Charles Newton was interrogated by CPD at the Emergency Room on June 19, 2006. He told the police he was out searching for the missing Vernice the eve before. Around 7:30 pm till 1:30 am to no avail. He was called the next morning.

“Mr. Newton, Vernice asked that we call you. She has been brutally assaulted.”

Bus Shelter 4 pic Grid

3-Years later, when Mr. Sowell was captured Mr. Newton recognized Sowell’s image (middle photo) as the man that he crossed paths with at the bus shelter at the intersection of East 79th Street and Kinsman Avenue.

After a few eerie minutes of “bad vibes,” he watched Sowell board the #14 eastbound Kinsman Avenue bus.

He showed the photo to Vernice February 2010. Immediately she exclaimed…“that’s him!”

Interestingly in under 8 minutes, this bus goes past Imperial Avenue. Sowell’s home. See RTA schedule.

RTA 14 Map Route

Probable Cause #7: Anthony Sowell the “Scrapper” frequented Ohio Scrap Yard

Ohio Metal Scrap Yard Grid

Prior to his employment at Rubber Stamp (March 2006) Anthony Sowell was a well known “scrapper.” One who pilferage abandoned homes for their metals. Ohio Metal Recycling said he was a regular.

Interestingly, this scrap yard is open on a Sunday.

Same day as Vernice’s lure and brutal attack inside the abandoned house.

Though not a resident of Garden Valley he obviously would have known and been inside this abandoned house before.

Sowell Scrapper Ohio Scrap Yard Crop


Probable Cause #8: “Box Cutter”

“She suffered deep facial cuts…” Women raped beaten up inside the empty house.” June 20, 2006-Plain Dealer

Vernice said her attacker placed a sharp blade type object to her throat. Then demanded she go inside the abandoned house or her throat will be cut right there.

This indicates he carries some sort of object that can cause lacerations.

During Ohio v, Sowell patrolman Charles Locke testified he arrested Sowell with a backpack. Inside that backpack was a…”box cutter.”

In all likelihood, that’s what he used while she was unconscious to inflict the “deep facial cuts.” CLEVELAND PAT CHARLES LOCKE _7 DAY TRIAL BOX CUTTER Text

Probable Cause #9: Lori Frazier Live-In Ex-Girlfriend’s Damning Testimony


There’s a coincidence and there’s a suspect’s…pattern. Lori testified Sowell would come home with suspicious looking wounds.  When assistant prosecuting attorney Pinkey Carr asked when she first notices this her reply had a direct bearing on Vernice Crutcher’s cold case 2006-00241169. More so than the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue 2007-2009.

APA Pinkey Carr: Do you remember what year it was?

Lori Frazier: ” I can’t remember. It might have been 06. His neck was tore off to the white meat. I asked what happened to you? Tone said someone inside an abandoned house tried to grab him.

Fact: June 2006 Vernice Crutcher was lured, forced, robbed of her jewelry, attacked and left for dead inside an “abandoned house.” – 

The injuries Sowell sustained were probably defensive wounds from the victims he grabbed and attacked inside an abandoned house.


Probable Cause #10: Sowell’s Covert Confession   

Sowell You Need Me“Dear Charles Newton,

You’re fishing but you’re not good at it. You need me but I don’t need you…ps. Have a nice day Death Row Sowell.”

“You’re seeking information and validation. I’m not just going to give it to you. Until I see or hear something that interests me.”

These comments are Mr. Sowell’s response to my question regarding Vernice Crutcher’s June 2006 lure and attack inside an empty house.

They strongly indicate Mr. Sowell’s culpability. But determined not to cooperate unless there is some benefit to himself.

Covert admission of guilt. Probable cause.






Ohio Constitution Bill of Rights Victim 10a


Therefore, we do hope that you see that the above are clear and convincing evidence. The cited probable causes please submit to the Cuyahoga County grand jury for a formal indictment of Anthony E. Sowell. He is the real attacker in cold case 2006-00241169.

By Ohio law, Rights of Victims of Crime, Vernice Crutcher is entitled to “a meaningful role in the criminal justice process.”

We’re respectfully asking that you do the same. Step down. If you’re reluctant to forward these probable causes to the Cuyahoga county grand jury, then please allow Prosecutor Michael O’Malley to do so.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Vernice L. Crutcher

Charles D. Newton


New Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O' Malley